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Remote island... [Feb. 25th, 2011|08:53 pm]
Daniel A
[Current Location |57.00n 2.00e]
[music |Cauda Pavonis - 9 to 5 freak show]

Back at work - fortunately my train connection on Tuesday night was only about an hour late, compared to the 3 hour delays suffered by those on the East Coast line...
Rubbish sleep before a 5am rise for 6am helicopter check-in.
9 hours continuous sleep though for the first night after work - best for months.
A shame though, as I missed the end of The History of Ancient Britain on TV.

After a fine time during my last break - particularly at The Secrret Garden Party 'Lost Lovers Ball' at Battersea Power Station, time to look ahead to the next 4 weeks off:
Already planning ahead, for my next spell off, with a cluster of music events of Goth persuasion for a few weekends on the run (Bristol, Sheffield, Whitby...)

Further ahead, I have a hunter-gatherer weekend booked after Easter through The author of The Tree House Diaries, Nick Weston.
Hopefully useful for slow food / low food miles alfresco dining ingredients from around the meadow.
A busy time ahead for there and now the weather turns towards spring, a battle against natures ticking clock to get young trees transplanted as soon as I'm back on land - particularly as so much has started to come into bud (fortunately the hedge layered last November has new buds on).

Bizarrely, Amazon.co.uk sell genuine Stihl chainsaw consumables and reasonably priced (3rd party supplier) - the long-arm Kombi-Tool saw clipped some embedded barbed wire whilst coppicing the neglected hawthorns.

Looking up some info on owls - I have 4 around the Meadow - it seems that recordings of tawny owls 'warbling' are rare, so I might try a microphone on a pole by the hollow ash tree to get a decent recording when back home.