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Daniel's daily ramblings

Daniel A
7 February 1969
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I'm Daniel and live in Chester, England.

Leisure is mainly gardening, walking and horse-riding, amateur arboriculture, messing around with odd and old engineering artefacts and attending various Goth nights in Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham, Leeds or even Slimelight down in London.
I've also have a small traditional orchard and meadow to manage in an environmentally aware manner.
I relax by reading about weird things, occasionally having a mammoth binge on Amazon:
Although independent and second hand book sellers are important too.

general reading list...

I sometimes turn wooden bowls & chalices etc. on my lathe in an artisan sort of way. Other interests and hobbies include electronics and computing history - I'm an Instrument Mechanic by trade...
For going out locally I'm sometimes in Telford's Warehouse, Watergates or Revolution Bar, usually on a day off now and then too for a long lunchtime snack.
Further a'field I get out and about walking - particularly around Salisbury, Wiltshire, The Ridgeway, Welsh / Shropshire Borders, Yorkshire Moors or North Staffordshire and general wild and enchanting places. More recently this has included Iceland, outwards from Reykjavik.
I am particularly interested in landscape, megalithic, topological or arboricultural history and mythology.

Longer periods of leisure used to take in spells touring in the namesake Strangerover - ex army battlefield ambulance, or similar 'cabriolet' - both V8 Landrover 101 ex-general service army trucks. Recently I've switched to a modern Landrover double-cab pick-up.

The writings under my 'Strangerover' username journal are generally in a non-attributable style and are the copyright of myself, reasonable quotations within context may be made elsewhere with reference. Further information if necessary via my contact details above.